Kevin Moranz Race Recap Round 2 - Arlington, Tx

Kevin Moranz Race Recap Round 2 - Arlington, Tx

Qualifying / LCQ:
This weekend was a great way to bounce back after a tough go in Tampa at round one. I was just three tenths of a second from qualifying straight into the triple crown as I ended up qualifying P-21. This was a great improvement from qualifying P-34 in Tampa. Came into the LCQ with a good start and fought my way into 2nd early. I rode a smart race passing into first and leading for a little while before finishing 2nd and transferring into the tripe crown.

Night Show:

Main Event 1:
I had a great start, was running up with the top guys in 7th-8th for a couple good laps before getting taken out by another rider. Twisted my front end but got up and charged as hard as I could while being smart with my front-end situation. Finished 21st.

Main Event 2:
Had a bad start being stuck on the far outside, came from the back up to a solid 14th place finish. Rode smooth and kept a good pace proving I have what it takes to run up there with those guys.

Main Event 3:
Decent start, but again I was cleaned out by another rider early in the race on lap one. Flew off the bike, tumbled, but popped right back up and charged back to catch the back of the middle group by the end of it as I never gave up. Finished 19th.

Personal Thoughts on Round 2:
"I am very happy to be able to showcase my improvement from last year in Texas as Tampa I did not display my talent. Going from P-34 in qualifying to P-21 is a huge step in the right direction and I have so much more left in me because I never got a clean lap. Solid performance in the LCQ. Yes, as a racer I am not satisfied with my performance in the mains as I am easily a top 15 guy and want to be cracking the top 10’s this year. My speed, smooth riding style, and conditioning is capable of making it happen, just need to stay out of the carnage and keep building as this weekend was a massive move in the right direction!" - Kevin Moranz

Main One–21st /Main Two–14th /Main Three–19th
Overall: 19th

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