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I am excited to bring an all new way of including others to become a real part of my TEAM and my success in 2021. If you are looking to support Moranz Racing because you like watching my content, cheering for me on TV, or just want to join a professional racers program at a smaller level, please click on the "Support as a Fan" tab. If you are interested in supporting Moranz Racing as a sponsor or would like to help as more than just a FAN then please click on the "Support as a Sponsor" tab. This kind of support will include customized marketing strategies / professionally placed logos / television coverage / recognition in interviews / signed memorabilia, and more.   

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Venmo: @Kevin-Moranz

Why Support My Racing? 


  1. Positive Role Model for the Younger Generation
  2. Well Spoken 
  3. Likable Figure (Hard working / Dedicated) 
  4. Results
  5. Products included in Youtube videos / Social Media posts increasing exposure
  6. Building Your Brand
  7. Positive Role Model for the Younger Generation
  8. College Graduate
Thank you for taking the time to read this resume inspired page. I just turned 21 years old. I graduated from Seaman High School in Topeka Kansas with a 4.13 GPA and recently graduated from Allen County Community College with an Associate degree. 

    What value do I bring to your team? 

    Integrity!​ I am a well-spoken, well-grounded and humble personality who will bring a marketable image to my sponsors. My diligence, motivation, and competitiveness joined with my strong academic credentials make me ideal to be a member of your team. I engage in a rigorous and structured cross training routine incorporating several sports to maintain maximum physical condition. I am a very hard working person and always strive to do my best every time I compete. I am determined to always improve my skill and work my way higher up the ranks as a professional.

    I will always be professional when I promote my team and my sponsors at local, regional, and national events. I will also be posting pictures, videos, and information about my sponsors on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and this website. On a similar note, I will display images, graphics, and articulate messaging provided by my sponsors. Check out my social media pages by clicking the links below!

    I am confident with the harsh economic reality and high cost of racing; however, with your representation, I will be able to continue to achieve great results, and pursue my dream to be a world recognized motocross racer. As a member of your team, I plan to race as much as possible, traveling all over the nation to race and grow your brand. 


    Click to Support Moranz Racing as a SPONSOR

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