Kevin to Travel over to Germany in Efforts to Capture SX2 European Championship!

I’m an proud to announce that I will be flying overseas to Germany so I can race for the Castrol Suzuki team in our efforts to go after an SX2 championship through the ADAC supercross series. I will be flying out October 21st and plan to return at the beginning of December to train before returning for the final round. This should not interfere with SX 2020 (250 East Coast) here in the states as 2 ADAC rounds are in November and the final ADAC round is at the beginning of January. Excited for this new adventure and be sure to subscribe to this website for updates and also I plan to vlog my experiences so if you want to see what I’m up to then subscribe to the YouTube as well! 

Round 1 - Stuttgart - Nov. 8/9

Round 2 - Chemnitz - Nov. 29/30

Round 3 - Dortmund - Jan. 10/11